How Does the Georgia Real Estate Commission Work?

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For all real estate professionals and aspiring licensees in Georgia, it's essential to understand the roles and functions of the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC).

GREC is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing Georgia's real estate brokerage and licensing industry. It updates information and sets regulations surrounding real estate career and licensing requirements.

By keeping up with GREC's news and announcements, you can ensure your license is current and compliant.

What Does the Georgia Real Estate Commission Do?

GREC supervises all aspects of real estate licensing in Georgia. Here's a list of what the commission oversees:

  • Oversees real estate license laws relevant to Georgia brokers, salespersons, and other real estate professionals
  • Maintenance of licensee records
  • Compilation of licensing reports
  • Regulation of initial licensing and license renewal processes for real estate professionals
  • Investigation of license violations and imposition of sanctions

The purpose of GREC is to protect the public interest by establishing and updating real estate licensing rules and regulations. The commission serves the interests of both real estate professionals and the general public.

Who Runs the GREC?

The GREC is comprised of six members appointed by the Governor of Georgia and confirmed by the Georgia Senate. These members serve five-year terms, with five being Georgia residents with at least five years of active real estate experience, and one member representing the general public with a recognized interest in consumer protection.

What Do GREC Members Do?

GREC members meet at least once per month to address important business items, provided at least four members are present. Public participation in commission meetings is possible through written requests approved by GREC.

At the end of each year, the GREC releases an annual report that includes:

  • A summary of GREC activities over the year
  • A list of staff members
  • A financial report detailing income and fund disbursement
  • The number of new licensees
  • Research and education initiatives carried out by GREC
  • Plans for the upcoming year

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TL;DR: The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) regulates the state’s real estate industry, overseeing licensing laws, maintaining records, and ensuring public protection. Appointed by the Governor, GREC members hold monthly public meetings and publish an annual report detailing activities and finances. Aspiring real estate professionals can access comprehensive exam preparation resources to boost their chances of passing the Georgia real estate exam.

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